About in L.A.

Finally getting around to organizing and uploading pics from our vacation. I think I am about 99% cleaned up from the suitcase explosion that happened when we got home.
Our first day of vacation took us from Boise to Oakland to LAX, what was a one hour layover, became 2, and what was an uncrowded plane (letting Lina have her own seat) became an overbooked one. At least she had a nap on the first leg, and she was pretty happy the second leg - although tired. 
Liam just loooooves airplanes, airports, and flying - so he was a happy little camper. We missed getting our chicken and waffles for lunch, but enjoyed shopping (girls) and museuming (boys + Denali).
All these pics are from our phones - so they are not the best quality...
Oh so ready.
The rows are only 3 seats across... sorry ;)
Second flight, Lina shares a seat with Liam...

The girl wanted to move so badly.
We don't travel light... in fact we had so many things, we almost forgot one and left the pack n' play there! 
The girls headed to The Grove, and a very twinny nap was had on the way.
I'm realizing my dreams, people.
That's a happy Grandma, right there. We had to take a bottle break in the Potterybarn Kids store. We also bought some fun (matching) jewelry at Nordstroms, and matching terrariums at a booth - which I love!
Watching the water fountains at The Grove, it's one fancy mall.
Getting reacquainted with Denali.
L.A. sunset
So meanwhile, while biggest and littlest girls were shopping, the rest of us went to the Natural History Museum to check out the dinosaurs, and then on to the aquarium - both things that Liam loves! Afterwards we met up at the Farmer's Market next to the Grove for dinner - mmm, best chilaquiles ever!
These kids like each other :)

It was biting his hand.
It was biting his butt :)
Can't you see they're terrified?
You get to touch!
Watching a paleontologist do his thing.
Shoulder ride from Uncle "Wonnie"

These kids know how to take a picture!
It was a really fun day (except for Todd, he felt awful). In small doses like this, L.A. is pretty wonderful... I could have handled another day or at least a few more hours - Roscoe's, West Elm... *sigh*


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