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In case you hadn't heard, I am now a contributing writer for the Babes in Disneyland blog!
 It's a website/blog by a great gal who used to be a Disneyland tour guide (my dream job!) and still lives in SoCal with her 3 kids, with whom she visits Disneyland quite often. She's basically the expert on visiting the parks with small kiddos. I've been following her blog for quite a while now, bought her book, asked her lots of advice, and even won a couple of giveaways from her site.
She recently posted that she was looking for other contributors for the site... next best thing to being in Disneyland is talking about it, in my opinion - so of course I applied and was asked to join the team!!! 
At any rate - here is my first article. I'm starting with a series on traveling to Disneyland from out-of-state. My current schedule is a post once every two weeks, but I'm hoping to speed things up once summer hits. 
Check it out - I'm super excited about it!

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