Bars, Bend, Barf, Babies-gone-wild...

Wow, it's only been a few days since I last blogged, but holy-moly it feels like A LOT has happened. I'll try not to give you a novel to read... wish me luck...
Bars: No, not the drinking kind, the wooden kind that keep babies in their cribs. Here is Liam with a typical bar mark he gets to sport for half the day till it wears off...

Bend: Todd's parents invited us to take a little roadie with them to Bend, OR for the 4th, since Todd had an extra day off. We ate, and shopped, and played, and swam - it was gorgeous weather. If you've never been to Bend it's a really cute town. Mostly known for the skiing on Mt. Bachelor, it also has lots of things to do in the summer. We went to the Seventh Mountain Resort, which is very nice and best-of-all had 3 pools! The water was a little cooler than what Liam was used to but he still had fun swimming, as did we all. Our days were great, but the nights were terrible. I don't know what was wrong with the poor kid, but he was sooo unhappy sleeping there (more like not-sleeping), could've been the strange bed, could've been over-tiredness, could've been sharing a room with two noisy sleepers, all aided by the fact that he's quite good at getting out of his swaddle (which he always wants to do, but then is always mad when he gets out!). We've not had a night that bad in probably 3 months... very. little. sleep.

pool hide-and-seek

Barf: We finished our week of bananas (yum-yum) and moved to sweet peas - which Liam (quite appropriately, I think) hated. So we kind of shoved a few bites in his mouth before giving up. Just as we were capping the peas he puked a true puke of peas + milk all over himself and his carseat (which he was being fed in at the restaurant). Oh it was nasty. So, onto the next day - we decided maybe not peas, let's try carrots - these he actually liked, but about a half hour later, while taking a bath, he threw up a lot of carrots. Ew gross. (Off barf topic: I took him out of the bath, and he prompty knocked over the lotion so the spout landed in his eye - it was a sad night for him). So I called the doc today and was told to wait a few more weeks on the solids, besides cereal, and give it another try again then.

ye've been warned...

Babies-gone-wild: Yep, Liam is a crazy man. He makes the funniest, craziest, cutest faces I've ever seen - plus he's taken to holding his arms up high and waving them around while he talks/shrieks. He's also earned a new nickname the "Zombabie" - because a)he prefers to bite people, b)when he does he gets a very ferocious nose-scrunched-up look on his face, and c) he shakes his head back-and-forth when he's biting like he's trying to rip your finger right off your body. Oh yeh, and HE FINALLY ROLLED OVER! I had to bribe him with a new toy - but it worked Of course we ran to get the cameras and film him doing it again, but hello there were cameras - so no, you don't get to see. We'll try again later.
crazy faced zombabie
Well sorry, it's a novel - you didn't wish did you?
p.s. - as long as this post was I didn't want to overload it with the dozens of cute pics we took this weekend, look for them to come soon though.
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