What just happened?

 Well, there went a month! I really didn't plan to take a month off from the blog, it just kind of happened. And now trying to go back really a month and a half to remember what was going on is just not going to happen. I found these 3 pictures from in between vacations which tells me that a) we swam in the pool a lot, and b) the kids went to a carnival with N+P and then had a sleepover. That's all I remember. I felt like an odd few weeks of just biding our time until Maui, I think we were probably pretty lazy. I definitely know we were lazy after coming home from Maui - I basically stayed home for a week, except church, a little Walmart, and a little pool.
I will go back and do a Maui post  -but I figure I might as well just fill you in on now...
This is the last week of FMLA for Todd. He goes in for a half day on Wednesday, works Thursday, Friday and that's the end of that. His counseling is helping, and so is the time off, but any thoughts creep in of work and he's a wreck again - his doctor won't sign off on him going back to work. So he starts his new job at a boys home just down the road from us next Wednesday. He's excited about it - working with the teens, working with a boss he likes and who likes him, not having to go to court, several things. We do need prayer for a few things about this change though: Todd is feeling anxious about this last week at his job - he has mixed feelings about it, but also he's not looking forward to his exit interview, and some of the higher-ups; also he will take a pay cut at the new job until another worker leaves (sometime between September and November) and after that he bumps up to a slight raise above his last job; and also the biggest uncertain right now is health insurance for he and the kids - Health and Welfare's insurance was outstanding so the kids were on his plan, my plan is highway robbery to add people to, like my paycheck would be cut in half so we need to find a more affordable alternative as quickly as possible.
We are still trying to get accustomed to real life - no more vacations to escape to. The kids are in VBS this week, Liam has a week of tennis lessons coming up, and our Cali friends are coming to town for a week, and I am in the early stages of back-to-school preparation. That should keep us busy for the next three weeks until I'm back full time. It's supposed to be over 100 deg. for several days over the next bit, can't say I'm thrilled about that, but the darkness is already setting in earlier so I know summer is coming to a close... eventually.

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