Soccer 2017!

 Liam played soccer for 6 seasons and then has taken the last 3 off, ever since Coach Coe moved away. Soccer just wasn't as much fun without friends, but this year an Upward Soccer League was started at one of the other Nazarene churches in town where it just so happens that our friend,s the Strawsers attend. Aaron coached and Owen played and Liam was on board. I do really like the Upward programs, and it wasn't more expensive that the city soccer program either. It's been pretty fun to watch him play, especially now that the weather is nicer. This last game our coach and 3 players were gone so Todd led our 4 kiddos against 6 (but two of them were tiny, so it was kind of fair). It was a good opportunity for me to take pictures since Liam was playing the whole game without subs.

 Every game begins with a high-5 tunnel

 He had the coolest slide/kick/goal this game

 I love his looks of concentration 
 Ready to go

 Action shot


This summer Nana is paying for a sports clinic and Liam picked Tennis to try. I was so not athletic, and I just love that he is and wants to try new things and I love being that crazy yelling mom on the sidelines a little bit too ;)
His last game is next Saturday, I'm looking forward to watching one more!
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