The week: May 30 - June 5

Ok so we have to go back just a little bit, Todd and Linda sent me pictures from the previous week and I just had to include them. The first is from Carolina's preschool program/graduation (to more preschool) - so cute, I wish I could have been there.

And then this was another super cute pic of the kids from our rock hunting trip. Ah, my babies.

On Memorial Day we first did our usual Boise trip... Capitol visit and doughnuts...

Later we went to a pool party with LOTS of folks, family, extended family, church, and friends. It was warm but wasn't too hot so we let the kids swim and most of the adults relaxed and talked- the guys played croquet and frisbee. It was really so much fun.
Oh and this is my newest Disneyland/Starbucks cold cup - I lurv it 😍

The rest of our first week of vacation went by in a blur, although it certainly didn't fly. It feels like I've been on vacation forever. That's not a complaint, just to clarify. 
We went to Target of course, this popcorn-in-the-cart trick isn't going to work for too much longer.

I got some me time, Todd and I had a date to see X-Men, we had a birthday party and a play date, and we swam LOTS. It was HOT this week, and supposed to get to 100 next week 😳. Basically by Sunday the house was trashed because we were coming and going so much, or being lazy when we werent. We spent a few hours all of us hard core cleaning.
Then I treated myself to this baby...

We're leaving on a jet plane this week - it's been 6 1/2 years since we were in the south, can't wait!

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