Pin of the Week: Kahlua Pork

Kahlua Pork
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My friend Vy, from Babes in Disneyland, also has a personal blog called Vy Loves to Eat - I think that's a great idea for a blog! ;) Anyway - she tries a lot of food on her travels, but she also tries a lot of new recipes, and they always look good! When I saw this one, it was basically a done deal. It's Hawaiian after all and I am ready for some island life!
This recipe fit my usual, super easy, super good type of meal. I halved it, because I have a small crockpot - so I only cooked it for about 10 hours. I also used course sea salt instead of Hawaiian sea salt, but I'll be picking some of that up soon! I made a simple coleslaw dressing from a composite of internet recipes (since I didn't have all the ingredients for one recipe or another), served it on King's Hawaiian Roles with a thin slice of pineapple, and had one of Grandma's hot pickles on the side. It was YUM!  Here's the link!

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