The week: May 25-31

Whew! Well that's done. Man am I happy to be on summer break! Of course I still have to go to work 2 days this week - committees and what not - but I get a stipend and a credit, and it'll be fun... in the work sense of the word. The week went pretty quickly, and was a little nuts.... obviously...
We had some great weather, spent some time outside, and then it was Carolina's turn to get sick :-( But it did kind of put a damper on the whole celebratory last week. Poor baby - she had a fever and was exhausted like Liam - but unlike him she didn't puke and had a terrible sore throat and body aches... and an eczema flare-up which is apparently what those spots will do when she has any virus. We took her to the doctor thinking it was strep because of the white spots in her throat - but no, just a nasty virus. We aren't sure if it's what Liam had and it just manifested itself differently in her body, or what.

Liam had a great last week / day of school (because he only had one day of school the last week, Thursday). There was a Kindergarten carnival in the morning and a school picnic afterwards, so he basically just played all day. He's pretty psyched to be a first grader now. Mom is pretty freaking out about it.

The last day of school for me and my class was Friday - they were nuts, but it was a fun day and we always end it by drawing with chalk all over the black top out back. That's me by the way... not a terrible representation :-)

Carolina is basically better now, no fever for a few days and her throat barely hurts anymore, if at all, only her terrible looking eczema remains. I feel self conscious taking her out in public, like people will think she's spreading some horrible contagious skin disease. But I think we may go to school today so I can get some organizing done in my cupboards, we'll see if that works out. Then I work Tuesday and Wednesday till 3, and we have a couple of play dates... trying to keep things normal until we leave IN 6 DAYS! I haven't been able to sleep the last few nights for thinking of things I need to get/do/plan. Oh man I can't wait.
Happy June everyone!

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