Six Surprise Summer Vacation - Day 4

The middle day in the parks always feels good, you've got one day under your belt and more direction, and you know it's not your last day! We started out this day in Disneyland since the Magic Morning was over at DCA - and for the first 2-3 hours it just felt empty in the parks which was AWESOME. We got a lot of rides in - except the Matterhorn. It was the only ride that we really wanted to go on that we didn't get to. Since it doesn't have Fastpass, and it does have some brand new upgrades, the line wrapped around the mountain all day long.

We found Peter Pan roaming through Fantasyland!

And then Captain Hook was around the corner!

He's contemplating another ride on BTMRR - after his first one, he wasn't sure he wanted to ride again...

Be still my heart - this is a raspberry rose macaron. It was huge and delicious and had fresh raspberries in the middle.

This picture doesn't show all of the sparkly diamond decorations... it was very overcast much of our time there.

2 happy kids!

Even teamwork couldn't get the sword out of the stone.

Riding the carousel makes everyone happy.

Like the day before, once this park started to fill up we switched over to the other. Todd and I had a lunch reservation at the fancy Carthay Circle restaurant and my parents took the kids to see Aladdin the Musical and then to lunch where Carolina promptly pulled her hat down over her face and fell asleep. She was a bear when she woke up, kind of freaked out because she was in pitch darkness. We spent an hour in the Animation studios sitting on the couch and napping/resting - I was trying to get over a huge headache. 

Thankfully after some rest time and some coffee I did feel better and we switched back parks, it was busy but we did get on Buzz and the Monorail before I had a dinner meet up with my Babes in Disneyland blogging friends! It was a Big Thunder Ranch BBQ, which I'd never been to and it was DELICIOUS! 
After dealing with even more stressful standstill crowds that evening we were lucky enough to get to see the fireworks and they were really beautiful, Todd, Mom, and the kids unfortunately missed the end... due to some exhausted kids and miscommunications - but dad and I stayed and I filmed the end. More stressful crowds and we decided to call it a day.

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