Six Surprise Summer Vacation - Day 3

Ah our Disneyland days - there were no envelope surprises on these days - just the surprise and magic that Disney gives us :)
It was a really good day! We started out in Disney California Adventure because Disneyland was opened early for Magic Morning (which we were not included in with military discounted tickets).
hello friend, 60 looks good on you!
we walked right in!

Liam, Mickey, and Walt
We got our Radiator Springs Fastpasses and went to Toy Story Midway Mania which didn't work out since the ride wasn't working right. Then took Carolina on her first trip on Soarin' over California - she was nervous but really liked it. However she wasn't as much a fan on her first ride of RSRacers... it hurt her tummy, she did not want to go on it again.

first time on Soarin'!

first time on RSR!

cute parents
We had a mid morning snack, did a few more things around this park, then as it started to fill up and the lines got longer we headed over to Disneyland Park.
just one of the treats we had from cozy cone (the bacon mac n cheese cone)

my prized possession! this shall be my new school cup and my students shall thing I'm awesome
It was fairly busy here too - and it was quite warm. We rode it's a small world and a few other things, had lunch and then went to see Mickey and the Magical Map... and eat some cotton candy.

The kids had never seen the show before and the were in awe, we were in the 3rd row too.

The rest of the day was fun and a little stressful - we had to literally squeeze in to a spot on Main Street to see the Paint the Night Parade - but it was worth it! What a cool show! The amount of people that are standing around to watch it is pretty crazy though, and... stressful. Plus the fireworks were cancelled so that was a bummer.
One cool thing was our church's new pastor and his family happened to be at Disneyland that day and we got to meet them!
Let me leave you with one of my favorite videos from this trip... Carolina driving on Autopia. Hilarious!

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