About in Disneyland AGAIN (Day 2)

Alright folks - this one is photo HEAVY! And I even took out all of my Club 33 pics for a separate post! We did a LOT this day - the highlights were the Halloween Carnival and lots of time in CarsLand.
We started out the day in California Adventure this time - we wanted to make sure we got our fastpasses for Radiator Springs Racers, and hit the other big ticket rides. Unfortunately for me - I'm not into many of those rides - no Tower of Terror or California Screamin' for me, thanks. So I took all the kids to BugsLand and took them on the kiddie rides (although they are mostly spinning, which I hate, and also you have to have 1 adult per child for some of them). The kid's liked them though - it was a little stressful for me trying to keep us all together and following rules!

We got to ride Radiator Springs racers (I LOVE that ride!) and got a treat while waiting for baby swap - Red's Apple Freeze with mango froth - or something like that, it was GOOD. 

Then we headed back over to Disneyland to drop everybody off at Toontown just before our Club 33 dinner - Katie and Aaron fed the kids lunch and then took them to all of those kiddie rides and it's a small world, once more. Our meal took 2 hours (and cost us $$$), so we were very appreciative that they watched them for us!

After that, it was basically the hottest part of the day, so we stopped at the Halloween Carnival at Big Thunder Ranch where there was plenty of shade. The kids loved petting the goats, doing the craft, and seeing lots of characters (dressed in their costumes of course!) Such a fun area! I just really appreciated anything that all 3 kids could do and enjoy, and give them a chance to run free a bit.

This is probably my favorite progression of pictures from the whole trip!

It was pretty busy in the park at this point and we weren't having much luck with the bigger rides, so we headed to Fantasyland, where we had some luck with a few short waits. First we had to stop and check out talking Olaf!

Jingles, Walt's favorite horse

And back across the esplanade we went, one more time - a few hours before Disneyland closed - as to beat the rush of people switching parks. The kids fell asleep on the walk over which worked out nicely. 

love this guy!
 It was just SO hot, and shockingly there was not a wait for Grizzly River Run - so the kids napped while we did baby swap - it was super fun, and very refreshing... while waiting I found a hidden Mickey!

I let the others go on a roller coaster while I let the kids sleep a little longer, and people watched - I love doing that at Disneyland! But once they were back we decided if we were going to do Toy Story Mania it was now or never. So I held this cranky, tired girl for the entire 25 minute wait. But she liked it once we got on!

After this ride my blog boss for Babes in Disneyland, Lisa, was trying to work out a meet-up for the two of us, so we went to dinner and wait. It was so exciting and a little surreal to finally meet her after virtually knowing her for 3 years! She got the pics and I got none - dumb me! But I did get her autograph :)

I just love all the little details like the Halloween themed paper cups you get at all the restaurants!

cute - but not tasty :(
 And finally - my favorite land, CarsLand. There's just nothing like it to look at - especially after dark, when all the neon lights come on and Cadillac Range is lit up - gosh, it's breathtaking. Plus the moon was big and bright and made my pictures a little more special...

DJs Dance N Drive show, Lina was too nervous to dance, but she wanted to watch.

I took this one while we were on the ride, once more at night.

We stayed after closing - you get an hour to shop before they really kick you out - so we picked up some birthday presents for Carolina and tried to see a bit more of the park while we had time. It was a GREAT day - I think we didn't get as much done as the first day - since it was hotter, a little more crowded, and we had to work around a few more schedule issues - but we really enjoyed what we did get to do!

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