Summer Week 10: Whining Down

You know, whining while winding down. Only one week to go. I'm not sure there's a sadder week in my year, I mean the week after New Years is lame, but this may be worse :( My team-mates already have emailed to ask about meeting this week... I'm ignoring the email for now.
Our weekend was really fun, but the week was crap. The kids were just naughty, especially Tuesday, just constant time outs and consequences being doled out - it was not fun. The rest of the week was mildly frustrating as well. It was probably because I kept myself far too busy. I worked hard on getting all of my chores/cleaning/house jobs done, like I said I would - but it took much longer than I thought and I am still not finished. I would start a job and find 4 more things that needed to be done... typical. It's not much left to do this week, although I can't forget about the usual weekly stuff too. But I'm determined to make this a fun week - and spend as much time with the kids as I can.

Worn out kids after the pool - Lina looks like she's smiling, but that's her precious sleeping face. I never get enough of sleeping kids...

After the dentist visit, they both take dental health much more serious, I found them like this one morning...

I spent one day this week working on potty training Carolina... she's getting pretty good at peeing in the potty on her own... but refuses to poop.

Pray for me this last week, I tend to start getting cranky and short when work is looming, but I really want to relax and be kind and loving and fun and enjoy the week rather than mope around dreading what's to come.
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