Preschool Program

loved this page of his portfolio
Liam has been going to Nampa Montessori School  for the last year, from 8-12 every day, it's been a great school for him! He was sick and missed his Christmas program (although he gave us a private show that was even better, I'm sure), but we were very glad no bugs got him for his end-of-the-year program (my school, where he will come for Kindergarten, doesn't do programs - boo). He brought home an incredible portfolio, which we shared with everybody at a little preschool graduation party - but the program was totally epic, we cracked up the whole time, but he did a good job - it was just too cute. We got tons of pictures and video - none of which are fabulous, but that's to be expected pretty much!
waiting for the show to start 

so handsome
he couldn't stop waving to us, he was the
only one too, I'm sure they were told not to :P

they performed several songs and poems

even signed a story while their teacher read it

Liam and his bestie, Owen
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best - why are we so awkward???
what are you gonna do?

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