Future Olympic swimmers!

Liam has picked up with his swimming right where he left off last summer - jumping in the deep end, swimming all over the place, getting tossed around like a pool toy by his dad, and improving on his snorkeling. We bought him a nice set from Costco and he's getting on really well with the flippers and everything, he'll be all ready for Maui next summer (we think).

Carolina has also picked up where she left off - at the very end of last summer she was just getting started to become interested in swimming without her floaties, and she's taken a much higher interest in that already! So much so that she's actually darn good at it already, and requests to swim "underwater" constantly. She's really good at holding her breath and kicking, her arms could use a little work though. But look at her go!

I need to get these kids on a swim team as soon as it's possible!

We are SO blessed to have this pool so our kids are so familiar with water and comfortable and have acquired this skill at such a young age!
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