Pin(s) of the Week: Party Edition! Baked Pasta & Rainbow Cookies

Here are the recipes (and inspiration) I used for Carolina's birthday party - they all turned out wonderful! I'll definitely be making them again!
Easy Baked Ziti Alfredo - This was probably my favorite new recipe - it was sooo sinfully good. Not healthy, oh no, so much cheese and alfredo, but man was it satisfying. I'd make this again for a special occasion!

Cheesy Baked Ziti - I've made this many times before, but I didn't have a recipe so I went searching and this one sounded the best because of the ricotta in it, which I'd never tried before(I added Italian sausage as well). It was very much like lasagna without the layers. Carolina loved it! These baked zitis are great for big groups. I made them ahead and stuck them in the fridge (didn't account for extra oven time though, oops).

Rainbow Cookies - Probably my second favorite thing I made - they were a bit of work because of the frosting part, but they sure were purty! I loved the vanilla cookie - it was very much like a snickerdoodle without the cinnamon. I great cookie that I'd make again without the frosting part.

Rainbow Fruit Skewers - Pretty straightforward - look at the picture - make it to look like the picture :)

Rainbow Cake (inspiration only)

2 Cake (inspiration only)

Pinterest is so helpful with party planning!
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