Carolina's Colorful Birthday Party!

I originally had chosen "Wonderful World of Color" for Carolina's birthday theme - based on another Disney book and idea... but since we did "worlds" last year - I just stuck simply with "colorful". She is a very colorful little girl and I thought the theme would be cute, but also easy to pull off - Pinterest did a good bit of help. I won't narrate the whole thing for ya... there are about 30 pictures here, so it'll be long enough as is :)

Color treats: candies, Oreo pops, vanilla sandwich cookies
(pretty much to die for), & tons of cake and ice cream.
Linda made the cake - isn't it purty? And weighed about 30 lbs.
Instagram pics banner - printed
 straight from my phone to Walgreens.

I just loved the colors - so pretty to look at.

Mom put together the rainbow fruit skewers!
Mantle decorations included a felt ball garland I made,
a print I made from a watercolor,  a few cute pics and decorations from her room.
Easy-peasy, colorful decorations from Target!

For dinner we had two pasta bakes - a sausage and marinara version,
and a 3-cheese alfredo version - plus salad, fruit, and Izze's to drink.

We opened presents after dinner.

The only rainbow leggings I could find were the kind that were true
leggings (not pants) - but it made for some pretty cute butt shots.

Classic bag-on-head party gag.

She did not disappoint.
Then, the best part - dessert!
Her face, while we are singing to her.
Blowing out all 2 candles.
This boy was ready to dig in.
This girl just helped herself. 
Rainbow cake!

New toy fun.

Had just about the whole family here - including Great Grandma & Grandpa!

We were lucky to have nice, warmish weather that day - so the kids
enjoyed some outside time to run off the major sugar rush.

 It turned out to be a fun, relaxed, filling, happy birthday for Carolina and all of us! A big ol' thanks to everyone who came and celebrated two wonderful, colorful years with us!


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