It's so hard to say goodbye...

Even though I know I still have two weeks left, and even though as you read this we are on our way to vacation in SoCal, even though I know I shouldn't borrow trouble... I also know I've got to face facts, and come to grips with the sad, sad truth that is "summer is (almost) over". I honestly cannot recall another summer that went by so quickly, or one that I wasn't a little excited to end and begin a new chapter. I'm sure it's just because the last school year was so incredibly hard, and I haven't quite recovered. *Le sigh*, I was hoping I would be. When we were all sick and Carolina was double-cranky pants, I was ready for school to start right then. But we're mostly better and the little girl is back to being a cute happy peach pie, and Liam - as always - is an amazingly sweet, good amazing boy who amazes me daily. I've got to reallllly soak it up for these last two weeks, and enjoy every minute, and at the same time try to get my head and heart in the right place to go back to work.
Our summer "schedule" - if you want to call it that - goes something like this... (Note: all times are '-ish')

7:00/7:30 - Liam wakes up and goes upstairs to play, or makes himself a bowl of cereal
7:30/8:00 - Carolina wakes up and talks to herself in bed
8:00-8:15 - I get out of bed, open all the blinds and the back door, get breakfast for the kids and let them each choose a cartoon
8:15-9:30/10:00 - I make myself an egg and coffee and sit at the table with my iPad and enjoy the sunshine, and the quite, and the relaxed-ness of a morning. (If Todd is home, I'll take advantage of the cool morning temps and go for a walk/jog)
9:00-10:00/11:00 - Kids finish breakfast and play nicely together upstairs or outside
9:30/10:00-11:00 - Time to get busy: make beds, do dishes, laundry, miscellaneous other things
11:00 - We all get ready for the day, Liam enjoys getting himself totally ready now
11:30 - This is where our "routine" stops, if we have errands this would be when we head out to get them done - either eating lunch on the go, or later when we get back, if we stay home then usually the kids want  an early lunch
12:30/1:00-3:30 - Carolina naps, I get in an exercise video, Liam plays or reads by himself upstairs or in his room for half the time, then gets the iPad for the rest of it. Whatever time is left after the exercise and shower is up to me: TV, book, baking, or other items on my To-Do list.
3:30 - Carolina wakes up and again, it's a choice of what happens - sometimes we run our errands now, or we go to the pool, or most often the kids play or color or pick a movie and have a snack... this can be my hardest time to "fill" because usually they're both sort of tired (even after rest time/nap) and a little cranky.

That's about it - once Todd comes home all bets are off, even dinner time - I don't count that time as my time anyway - that's normal "after work" hours.

I've loved the ability to relax as well as get so much done at home and just hang out and have my kids (mostly) be happy with it - they do get kind of cranky when we've just been at home too much, as evidenced during our two-week-sick-stint, but I also try not to go out so much, because if we're out, we'll spend money! But they can play well together and apart, which is a huge blessing. Mornings are certainly my favorite and I will miss them sooo much. I know I could set my alarm a half hour early and chill before work, but it just won't be the same, and I doubt it would work at all.
Well, pray for us on our long drive today - that everyone is safe and happy, and that we have a great time with our family, and that my attitude adjusts regarding back-to-school!

P.S. Happy Birthday Dad!
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