About in Bakersfield

We are back from vacation, and actually, today is my first day back at work (no kids till next Monday though) - last week I spent trying to frantically try to get everything done before school starts and simultaneously recover from our busy week away. Not an easy thing to do. At least I had a few days before going back to work, unlike some people :(.

Only having two days in Bakersfield, we tried to cram a lot in a short time - Trader Joe's x2, In N Out, Strawberry Patches, Dewars, and a (big)girls shopping trip to the mall. Here are some pics (Todd's and my phones and the DSLR) from our time there.

We left Nampa for Bakersfield at 4:30am, and were there in time for dinner - the drive went great! The kids switched back an forth between our car and Grandma and Papa's, took naps, colored, played iPad - and were very good travelers.

We stopped at McD's for lunch, but I packed one for the kids and I (Mickey sandwich included) so they could use lunch time to run around in the Play Place, then eat in the car.

We finally arrived, and the girls were loving each other - they had a bath, and played together pretty well the first night. They were either getting along great ( Lina: "Owivia - come on! Come on Owivia! Less go!"), or they were taking each others toys and shrieking, Lina even bit Olivia once, dangit.

double trouble

 This was not our healthiest day - scones for breakfast, In N Out for lunch, Dewars for dessert... this is why I go - the housemade marshmallow sauce... and the chews. The marshmallow is kind of hard to see here (it's on peanut butter ice cream), but ohhhh it's soooo goooood - it's thick and sticky and not too sweet. Their chews are amazing, so many flavors - the nutty ones, caramel, and peppermint are the best. Dang, it's good we live so far away from it.

 Lina quite enjoyed her dessert (which was good because she was really fussy by this point in the day).

Carolina wouldn't eat her breakfast, but she was happy to bang spoons on the kitchen table with Olivia.
One of the favorite activities was playing in the kiddie pool.... which shortly became the "nude beach" if you are under the age of 2. 
Beautiful California flora.

 Pumpkin is the best cat ever.
The kid's loved Uncle Lonnie's fruit growing in the yard - Carolina kept calling the grapes "candy" and stealing them off the vine.

This picture reminds me of Sasquatches in the wild.

While the ladies were doing some shopping, the guys +Carolina did their own thing, including a trip to the bookstore (we do not have a bookstore in Nampa, and it sucks). Liam favorite thing besides playing with Dylan was wrestling with Lonnie.

Here are a few of my picks from Strawberry Patches - the gray is hopefully going to recover my roman shade, and the florals are going to *fingers crossed* become a tunic for Carolina, I picked up a couple of other beauties to make some pillow covers.

 And of course I couldn't leave without getting a mug - thanks Linda!

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