One Year Pictures and Update!

My little risk-taker

I feel like I'm always saying how it's hard and yet easy at the same time, this time - to believe she's one already. She's so different than her brother. In appearance she looks quite a bit like him, although she's less chunky than he was at this age and her hair is darker - that's about the end of the differences. But in personality they are verrry different. She's much more mischevious and adventurous than he was. She will be our biter and our climber and probably the first one we take to the E.R. for some accidental trauma due to her being a bit of a daredevil (but cross your fingers not!) The last 3ish weeks she's been a bear to deal with. After the wedding I got a cold, then she got the cold - although we thought it was teething. Well 3 weeks later, the runny nose is gone but her attitude is still just as bad, if not worse. So a Dr. visit was in order, and although there's no fever or runny nose anymore, she still has a lingering ear infection, oops - although it's going away at this point so no need for the antibiotics. And she is definitely teething - in fact I can see the two on the bottom now and mayyybe one on the top as well. She. Is. Cranky. But who can blame her?
She loves all toys, especially remotes, and anything from the kitchen, her song bird, her bunny, and shoes. She loves LOVES to be outside and to be walked around so she can point at things for you to tell her about it or let her touch it. She's getting really good at saying "hey", "yeh", and better at "no" - we heard a "doggie" today as well, when Ripley came over to give her a kiss.
She loves all food, and if there isn't any on her tray, but she can see it somewhere else - she will point and screech until she gets some. When she's done eating, or if there is something she's not in the mood to eat, she tosses the rest on the floor for Ripley to clean up. She hasn't had formula for a while now, and transitioned to milk very well. She only takes one bottle now, a little one right before bed. The rest of the time she drinks water or milk out of a sippy cup with a straw; she can't figure out the kind of cups you have to tip back to drink from - but straws she could do from day one.
If I were guessing I'd say she's still around the 18-20 lb. mark - she doesn't feel very heavy to me, and she still fits into all her 9 month summer clothes just fine. The 12 month fall clothes are what we are buying her now though, and they are just slightly big, but we think she's about to have a growth spurt since she's eating a ton.
What a goofball is - this girl has some personality and drama in her - although sometimes she is so solemn and quiet.
 I LOVE HER! (get ready for a bunch of Lina-Lu pictures!)

Love her wispy dark hair and her big green-brown eyes!

There's that Hellenga intensity coming out!

Does she ever love her brother!


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