Pics instead of Pins

No Pins this week - I tried one and it was blechblechblech. It will shortly be deleted from my "Yummies" board.
Instead I have pictures! This morning Carolina decided to take a short-cut. Instead of crawling around the chair, she thought she'd squeeze behind.
It kind of shocked me to see this:
 Taking a rest:
 Squeezing out a little further, and getting stuck:
 I can't tell is this is a break or a technique for wiggling through:
 Kind of at a standstill:
 She just couldn't squeeze her bum through - it was sad, I was going to help her...:
 But then I turned around for a second, and this came charging out from behind me!
 She wanted to play cars:
She tried to do this again later. Squeezing through small holes is trending right now.

This is apparently a "What! Only 2 more days!" face:
Thank heavens both children are napping right now so I can go accomplish something - so! off I go!
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