Not too crafty 4 me

I made something!
I'm not great at making things, so I'm pretty proud of myself when I do something - especially without help or instructions!
I saw some super cute clips, like the other ones we have, at Carters -with silver stars on them for the 4th - they were $10 for 2. I couldn't do it.
So I spent about that much on supplies to make a whole bunch more clips than just 2.
Here's what I used: glue gun, 3/8 in. ribbon, scissors, alligator clips, and stickers (which I bought on Amazon and didn't realize they were stickers - so they may not hold up in the long run, but they'll make it for the 4th!) - I also used a butterfly clip to hold the clip open, and one of the Carolina's existing hair clips to see how it was made.
It was pretty darn easy, and if I'm saying it's easy - then it's easy.
I used the butterfly clip to hold the hair clip open, and starting hot gluing the ribbon from the inside bottom and just kept going around until I ended at the inside top. So simple. Then I attached the stars.
And here they are!
Carolina needs clips like these to hold her bangs back, her hair is just starting to grow out.

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