I just don't know.

So that cranky-Lina video I posted, and that snuggly-Lina picture... apparently they were leading up to something. Only I still don't know what. Last Thursday, she was acting somewhat grouchy and that evening when she was snuggling she was feeling lethargic and apparently had a fever. That night we ended up being up with her until about 1am - there was lots of crying and fussing, and she was so hot we were quite concerned. Ibuprofen eventually brought the fever down, but I took her to QuickCare the next morning anyway. Everything looked fine, so of course, we went home thinking it was a fluke. She still wasn't her happy normal self though, her appetite seemed less and at times she was still lethargic - at times she was playing happily. 
Saturday she seemed even better, less cranky, more appetite, and I spotted a tooth coming in! We were sure that was it; as the day went on she had some diarrhea and wasn't much into eating. Then all of a sudden in the evening, like Thursday, she just started crying like the world was ending. I tried to feed her and give her some Tylenol when she puked everything up. Her temp was 102, and basically she hadn't had anything to drink for half the day which totally worried me so we took her to the E.R. (boo! QuickCare had just closed). We were there for about 2 hours, to basically be told nothing - no answers, the only guess was "something viral". Her temp had gone done a degree, which I guess was good enough for us to go home. Poor girl was exhausted, but clearly feeling absolutely awful - she just whimpered in her bed all night. I checked on her constantly, and finally gave her more medicine at 4 which seemed to sit well because then rested well.
Yesterday she was extremely cranky, like I-may-lose-my-marbles-if-we-repeat-today-cranky. She never was feverish today, but at the first sign of cranks I started giving her ibuprofen/Tylenol every 6 hours. Mercifully, she slept through the night without a sound and has woken up fairly happy, plus she ate a full breakfast. Fingers-crossed I am seeing the end of this.
I want it to be teething, but I don't want it to be - if this is how all teething will go! She is basically a totally different baby in this state - I feel so bad for her. It's miserable for all of us though. 
So... 2 children it is.
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