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Sunday and Monday were spent hanging out with the California McConnel's at their home. We were very excited to see the babies together, and they did not disappoint. 
We managed to get a very decent picture on Jeran's phone after church... probably because it wasn't planned.
 After church we went to a well known buffet at Hodel's - the babies got to try lots of things, most of which ended up on the floor. It was a bit embarrassing, but the girls didn't seem to notice.
 Later that day we went over to some of their friends' house to swim (it was HOT there) and do this:

Their friends have a 3 year old boy with lots of cool toys, like a 4 wheeler, Liam was in heaven. Lina enjoyed sucking on some watermelon rind and staying away from the grass as much as possible. After all of that we needed a little Yogurtland - it was packed so we sat on a bench outside, and with nowhere for the babies to go we had to improvise:

 The next day was a little more relaxing. The kids played together, and we went to In-N-Out, Trader Joe's, Strawberry Patches, Fresh & Easy, and walked to Dewars - all our favorites.

 We definitely had to have a Livy & Lina photo shoot, since who knows how big these girls will be next time they're together! I'm sure Jeran's pictures are better than mine, but until she posts hers...

Jeran took these on her phone:

The cousin pics were even on her phone - honestly I think they're better when there's less set-up or something. No time for kids to decide they don't want to do it.

We did a few projects, went outside to watch bats fly around, but it was bedtime all too soon - which was great for Carolina, who shared a room with me and slept great, and awful for Liam who shared a room with D&D (poor kids) and basically refused to sleep unless Todd or Linda slept with him... we're still recovering from that. It was late, but we threw the babies in the tub together, because we couldn't leave without a bath picture!
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