Schizophrenic Friday

I had such a nice morning. Liam and I headed to VBS and Lulu went to Poppa's. The snack was ice cream sandwiches, which meant there was very little for two people to do, so Linda told me I could go get something done. I needed a trip to Babies R Us, and  Starbucks on the way - maybe that doesn't sound like fun, but it was. Then I picked up Liam and Lina, ate lunch and headed to the park, the weather was perfect. Took a few cute pics for Instagram: 
Lina being pretty relaxed.
Liam "fishing"

And a couple other good ones. Plus a little video.

It was a good day. Until our nerve-wracking trip to QuickCare. Until I was letting Lina feel a handful of grass (since she hates it and I was trying to let her get used to it). Liam told me he had to go potty so I threw Carolina in her stroller and started quickly hauling us back home (it's a very short walk, but still, a walk) - when she started choking and gagging. She tried and tried to throw up, tears and snot and drool were streaming, and she was screaming, but never puked. So I held her in a football hold in case she did puke and pushed the stroller with the other hand while encouraging Liam to walk as fast as he could so we could get home. She seemed better once we got there but would still start gagging/choking every couple of minutes. I asked Dad to come right over, and he took us all (Liam too) to QuickCare - which is right next to the E.R. and I figured might be a better option, and if not we could just walk next door. The drive over there was torture, it took maybe 5 minutes, but she was gagging and her face was turning blotchy red and she wasn't acting right. I'm so thankful they got us right in and a few minutes later discovered a long peice of that darn grass stuck way in the back of her throat. It was pure torture holding my little screaming baby down while they tried, 4 times I think, to get it out - finally with some tweezers out it came (with a little blood because the tweezers pinched the back of her throat). Then Lina got her first popsicle from Dr. Maddux (who is actually a friend from Bremerton, so nice, and she did a great job). It helped calm her crying and soothe her throat. 
It was quite scary. I don't want to do it again, and I'm certain Carolina doesn't either. I'm just thanking God right now that it wasn't more serious, that he allowed her to be fixed quickly, and praying that there are no complications. She's playing quite happily now.
But still, no more grass. I'll just let her be afraid of it I think.
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