Pin of the Week: CPK Pizza

Pinterest is my new favorite thing. I think it's in part the organizational nature of it that I love - then combined with endless good ideas, fun crafts, cute outfits, etc., is what makes it so addicting. But the best part, of course, is the food! It's my favorite new cookbook basically - I've tried more recipes from Pinterest than from any cookbook in my collection; I guess I feel that if someone else pinned it, then it's like their recommending it and saying that it's good... I know this isn't the way it works a majority of the time, and yet I'm still sucked in somehow. In case you weren't aware, I'm a pretty competitive person / perfectionist - and cooking, which I'm already not great at, can bring out the worst in me. I've sworn off using an oven more than once. So truly, if Pinterest can keep me interested in continuing to try new things and improve my cooking "skills", then more power to... me!

So, all that to say I thought it might be fun to share the really great recipes (or occasionally other things) that I've found and tried (right, Kristin?)

To preface this, you would think that it would be a good idea to try new recipes when you have nothing to lose, like "oh well, this turned out gross, let's eat cereal." But no, I prefer to try something new and untested pretty much exclusively when we are having company over for dinner. So, I had the brilliant idea to recreate my favorite California Pizza Kitchen menu item (a restaurant we don't have here *sad face*), the Pear & Gorgonzola Pizza. So clickity-clack-clack, recipe found, click-clack, recipe pinned, vroom, Todd is sent to the store for ingredients :) 

Can I tell you, not only was it pretty simple, but so so SO good. Here is the link to my pinned recipe. OH, also, not only was this one great recipe, but two! Her recipe for Proper Italian Pizza Dough was linked, since that's what she (by "she" I mean the author of the website) used - and it is the best pizza dough I've ever made. I'm sold. 
(Yep, that's salad on top of the pizza - yummmm!)
I can't wait to make this again and see if it is as good the second time as it was the first!

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