Birthday Fun

Smelling my pink lemonade cake - yummm!
That's way too many candles.
Gonna need a deep breath for this one.
Got 'em!
P.S. - thanks Todd for the great pictures... I probably shouldn't have picked the guy who shakes to hold the camera.
Three-layers of pink.
Moving on to pool time. How many grandmas does it take to get the baby in her floatie?
I'd say she likes it.
Her eyes are always following mom :-)
The boys are "taking a sleep."
Hi Mom!
Hi Lina!
She loves the guys too.
This dad adores her.
It turned out to be a great day of food and swimming (a little too great, if you ask my dermatologist - sun burn!). I can't ask for any more than having fun with the family! Well I could ask for a picture of myself that isn't blurry - but what can you do...

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