6 Month Photos

On the eve of Carolina's 7th month birthday - I thought I'd share some of her 6 month professional photos. We had Liam's 6 month photos taken at Portrait Innovations, and got quite a few great shots - so I thought we'd try for something similar with Lina. These are the unedited versions of all the pictures - when you spend enough $ they let you keep them on a disc, still a pretty good price for all we got.
This first one is the one most like Liam's best one, and the one we chose for the main package.
 But we almost went with this one, it was a bit too bright though...
 Change of headband, and of scenery. Love the solemn look on her face.
 Chubby baby profile.
 Standing-up, too cute.
 Love this angle
 This is very similar to one we had of Liam - she's so happy. 
 Favorite #3 - it's so precious I can't hardly stand it.
 Another cute shot - I don't think I bought any of these... why didn't I?
  Here are some funny, not-so-perfect pics. Our biggest struggle in getting a good picture of her was her dang tongue - it's always sticking out!
 Gettin' ticked about something, and letting us know!
 And yet uber-pumped, here...
 These laying down ones were hard to get as well because she would immediately start spinning or scooting away. She's backing up here, but pretty proud of herself.
I am generally pretty happy with the pics I get with my camera - but it was nice to have a lot choices this time. Be watching the mail, fam!
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