Can you guess what's in 3 more weeks???


The 3 happiest months of my year are about to arrive, and you'd better believe I have a countdown in my classroom.
Here are my current plans / goals / things I look forward to finally having time to do, in the summer:
1. Cleaning - yep, that's #1, I know I'm weird
2. Being with my kids - all day, every day (*important side note: I'm so thankful for their lives and health)
3. Vacations - Disneyland! what-what! and hopefully a few other little ones...
4. Swimming - swimming and swimming
5. Projects - I already have a list of things that need to get done, and a few wants, like attempting to make Lina a little dress
6. Reading the Bible - like every day, that would be good - don't be horrified that this doesn't happen on a daily basis already.. some days I also don't take a shower
7. Exercising - not looking forward to the exercise, but am looking forward to the results :)

this kid knows what's up
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