The plan...

Yes, I finally feel like we have figured out a schedule, a daily plan for how things will go. It's lovely. Of course, now that I feel we have some normalcy - something will probably change and we'll have to go right back to circle A (why does it always have to be "square 1"?). But that's OK, this summer has really give me the opportunity to learn about my baby and how to live my new life with him - I feel more like a confident parent now.
Yesterday was a fabulous day - with a few hang-ups... The first was that Liam had to go get another shot (yes, I'm being anal and only letting him have one shot at a time) and while last time he merely grunted, yesterday he wailed - but he was smiling again by the time we made it to the check-out desk. Then we played, he napped, I worked, and in the evening Auntie Jen came over and we grilled and had dinner outside under our new sun shade, it was a beautiful evening. Second hang-up - Liam was sitting in his Bumbo chair, on the patio chair, playing with a spoon - he had just eaten a bottle and, after I ate, I was going to give him some rice cereal... well he stuck that spoon too far down his throat and pee-UKED everything up that he had just eaten, poor baby. It just kept coming and coming, pooled his in seat and ran over onto the other chair - tears were rolling out of his eyes. It took him a minute to recover, and for us to replace our jaws, but he was fine after that - although he was a MESS and didn't want to eat cereal or anything for a while. It was really warm out though, so I just stripped him and laid him on a towel on the grass - and there he laid happily for a long time and dinner was saved. I really need to keep my camera around my neck or something, 'cause that was a sight and I wish I'd gotten the whole evening on film (er, memory card).
Now - more for my sake than yours (since this is kind of my baby diary to look back at to remember what I did...) here's the plan:
Liam wakes up (usually 7-8am)
Get Liam up, feed him - 30-45 min. later
Nap - 2 hours later (lasts 45-120 min.)
Feed - every 3 hours
Repeat Nap, Feed, Play 2x
Last feed
Bedtime (usually 8-9:30pm)

happy napper
playtime action shot
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