24 weeks and counting...

Liam is 24 weeks old today!! Here is the round-up of what he is doing now...

Sitting up on his own for 1-2 minutes... 4 times.

Eating (and not puking) sweet potatoes... 3 times.

Reaching for everything... countless times.

Jumping ... 0 times (he just doesn't get it).

Not pictured: Rolling Over... 3 times (back to front), 7 times (front to back).

I still haven't gotten it on film, and Todd has still not seen it at all!

Thanks for all the sleeping advice I got a few days ago - but I haven't had to use it yet! He has slept like log since then, many times not even waking up for the paci or because he's stuck! He is getting reallllly good at getting out of the swaddle, which has made it slightly harder to put him to bed, but once he's asleep he really stays that way.

He is quite active during the day, always wants to play and move, and has some trouble doing his own thing lately. He's starting to get a little clingy, which I can't say hurts my feelings, but it can be somewhat inconvenient.

We are in the process of choosing a big boy stroller for him, but it's turning out to be a much more difficult process than I imagined - there are literally thousands of options, and none of them seem to be exactly what I'm looking for. I literally spent an hour just staring at them at Babies R Us this week. I'm so not good at making these decisions... thus why Liam almost didn't have a crib in time. SO, if you have any suggestions - I'm open!
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